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My coach

My coach

We all know that having a great exercise partner can mean the difference between success and failure. But why not turn your BFF into a fool-proof exercise companion?

I am going to try to train Cadie to do this. I think she’d really like it, and it would be a great way to burn some extra energy on days when we can’t get out.


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17/365: Julie & Julia Child, Food Temptress

Image by kalebdf via Flickr

Julie & Julia was on tv this last weekend. I just love that movie. I know so many people feel motivated to blog after watching it. Not me; I mean, I like blogging, but I don’t need a movie to motivate me to do this. Where I do need motivation is in the kitchen. Yes, that’s right, Julie & Julia makes me want to cook.

If I had a big, beautiful kitchen like Julia Child’s I might be more interested in spending more time there. But then again, I doubt I would have the motivation to keep that kind of space clean. But I digress, that movie, with its gorgeous food photography, makes me realize that I am wasting my life eating canned soup. I also feel that way when I watch Laura Calder’s French Food at Home. So maybe I’m in love with French food. But that’s a post for another day.

The point, chickens, is that I’m in the mood to cook, to create, and this upcoming weekend is Thanksgiving weekend, so I can think of no better time to cook. And since my holiday plans don’t include a lovely home-cooked meal, I absolutely MUST cook.

Cooking, as you know, starts with a trip to the grocery store, and a well-thought out list. But first I need a plan. I need to decide what I will spend my time cooking. I’ve always wanted to try the Boeuf Burgeon. But then I saw some lovely pictures of beef vindaloo, there is also the appeal of trying to make bi bim bap. And of course, I will need something sweet. I read a recipe for pumpkin chai cupcakes, or I could try’s Bene’s trifle recipe.

I guess I need some help deciding, and since today is election day (honestly, it’s a big week up here) I am looking to make this decision democratically. So what’s your vote?

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Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series

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Wednesday was a wonderful day for me. It was day 91 in my new job, and that means that I am now eligible for vacation, and I made the most of it, believe you me. I had 4 hours out with the puppy (2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, enjoying a wonderfully sunny fall day), I had lunch at Swiss Chalet and dinner at Red Lobster, and capped off the evening with the musical Wicked. It was a wicked day.

Though, somewhere in the middle I found time to have a much-needed phone visit with my friend, Beth. We talked about a lot of things: food, religion, her health (she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis almost 15 years ago), and life as a newlywed (Beth has now been married almost a year). And of course we rehashed my decision to end my engagement and discussed the rightness of this move, with Beth telling me emphatically that yes, I made the right choice (not that I doubt it, though sometimes when I feel that life is hard I have to be reminded). We also discussed her biggest breakup, and the rightness of that.

Beth dated a tyrant of a man (though I think she would prefer I put the word “man” in quotation marks) for 9 years. She gave him everything; she put all her trust in him, and was unmovable in her commitment to this relationship. After 8 years of ring shopping (never with any intention of buying) this relationship ended and Beth was devastated.

It was a lengthy and messy breakup. Her ex would call every couple of months, or leave cryptic messages for her with people at her church (this makes me want to punch him), and Beth’s healing period was tortured. In the midst of all of this emotional turmoil Beth joined the gym, and worked hard. She had 20 lbs. to lose and she wasn’t going to let this physical reminder of their relationship hold her back.

Six, almost 7 years later, life is very different for Beth. She met and had a wonderful “courtship” (I know it’s very Anne of Green Gables, but ladies it’s important, don’t sell it short) with a wonderful man who is now her husband. Beth has also lost the weight and is doing really well with the MS.

This is a very long story, I know, but there’s something to be learned from all of this. Whenever we feel that life is hard, and that no one understands what we’re going through (I admit to having a highly developed victim’s complex) it’s important to take a step back and reconsider your history and the history of those people closest to you; chances are they’ve gone through something that you don’t even know about, or that you’ve forgotten about. Everyone has a story, and when I’m trying to bring perspective back to my view of the world I remind myself that “worse things have happened to nicer people.” Sometimes (often) life’s not fair, but that shouldn’t stop us from making the most of it, as Beth did.

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