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This has been the most depressing Christmas week I’ve had in a long time. No one seems to be aware that Christmas is coming on Saturday. But then, maybe that’s the problem; maybe if Christmas was coming on Sunday or Monday it might be a little different. Everywhere I look I see people busily working away on their day-to-day stuff, many people don’t even mention Christmas. My office doesn’t have a single cookie or festive sweet.

Then at lunch time, as I ventured out with my friends and co-workers for a slice of holiday pizza, I heard the theme music (Christmas Time is Here) from the Peanuts Christmas special. I stopped and looked up, smiling because I intend to surprise my mother with a CD/DVD copy of her favourite Christmas special; as I was standing there I saw a group of people skating on an outdoor rink. That’s right, I stepped into the Peanuts Christmas special. I stopped and gave myself a moment to enjoy this one perfect moment where pop culture and Christmas collide in the parking lot of a business park and outdoor shopping centre. The song soon ended and I came back to reality

It was the perfect way to push me out of my funk. It was a brilliantly sunny, (reasonably) warm day. There’s no reason to feel depressed, in fact, I should be elated. I decided that this week could still be magical, and from there I took matters into my own hands, and created my own Christmas magic.

I decided to take the dog for a big walk, so that we could enjoy this glorious weather. When we got home I made a big batch of mincemeat tarts. Yummy, and super festive. The only problem is that I put too much filling in each pastry, so I didn’t enough to make all 24 tarts.

Oh well, I guess that means that I’ll have to make more for New Year’s Eve…I may also need to do some skating to burn them off.

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, and to all of you too!


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