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The world is full of insane and, in some cases, outdated social rules. I’ve always found the dictum against wearing white after Labour Day to be the weirdest. What does it really matter to any one else what I wear. However, this year I am starting a new social rule: don’t drink frapuccinos after Labour Day.

Frapuccinos are the sweetest examples of the art of modern coffee. They are beautiful, creamy confections, topped with whipped cream and artfully arranged drizzle, in my case caramel, though I imagine other people choose chocolate, or something else equally tempting. They are wonderfully refreshing, in spite of the fact that they are espresso…and I have to stop here because I can hear them calling my name.

The problem with frapuccinos is that they carry a hefty price tag, both in terms of money and caloric intake. Consider that a Grande with whipped cream has 380 calories, 14 grams of fat and 62 grams of carbs. Let’s put that in perspective: a woman my age, with my physical activity level, should be consuming about 2000 calories. According to Canada’s Food Guide I should be eating 7 fruits and vegetables a day, 2 servings each of milk and meat or alternatives and 6 grains. Not only does this drink constitute 1/5 of my daily calories it doesn’t offer any nutritional benefit. Yes, fine, there is dairy, but the sugar that comes along with it surely outweighs any benefit.

Finally let’s consider the fat content: 14 grams of fat is huge for single drink, in fact, I think I consumed fewer grams of fat in my lunch yesterday.

Frapuccinos are delicious, and beautiful, and desirable, but I think they’ve had their day in the sun, which is why I will have one tomorrow to celebrate my birthday, and then I won’t have another one, or wear white, until after the May long weekend 2011.

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Random Thoughts

Penelope and I decided to go take in a ball game while thinking about how best to start our journey to good health. Baseball is weird in so many ways, but the thing I find the strangest is sitting and watching elite athletes play a sport while I sit and eat junk food.

Penelope and I had agreed that we would eat a healthy lunch at home and treat ourselves to popcorn at the game. Penelope was as good as her word; I, however was not. So I ate my pizza, feeling very self-conscious, and I made a personal resolution; I decided that I would start keeping a food diary, so that I can get on top of my eating patterns, so that I can try to outsmart myself and force myself to cut out the junk food.

Aside from that, Penelope and I did get a chance to talk, and we have decided to start our odyssey with a hike. We’ve chosen what we think is a good one, and we’re going to head down there on Sunday. This means that we have a lot to do:

Get proper driving instructions

Choose and make a healthy lunch and snacks

Get the right equipment for the dogs

Ensure that we have weather-appropriate clothes, and comfortable shoes

Esure that we get a good night’s sleep the night before

1) Penelope is better at using the internet, so she is going to take on this job.

2) I will be making my famous egg salad sandwiches. I can make them a little healthier by using mustard instead of mayo and serving them on whole wheat bread. I will also be taking fruits and vegs, and lots of water.

3) The dogs won’t need that much equipment, however, Penelope is thinking of getting a dog snuggly as the hike might be a little too much for her Toby. The single biggest thing the dogs will need will be water.

4) It’s too soon to say for sure, but I will wear my hiking shoes, and bring light sweaters and rain ponchos just to be sure.

5) All we can do is hope for good sleep. 😉

Anyhow, it’ll be a good week. Stay tuned as we post further updates on our preparations.

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Will You Join Us?

As if we all don’t have too many challenges as it is, as if we aren’t already too busy. But the problem is that in spite of the fact that we are busy and overwhelmed, we have neglected to look after ourselves. So then you have to ask yourself; what am I really so busy doing? This is the point that Penelope and I reached not long ago.

We’ve been great friends since high school, where we were pretty active, and spent our time roller blading, going for long walks, ice skating, bike riding, and more. We had a great time, we always had lots to talk about, and we were in pretty great shape.

Flash forward 12 years, we still get together pretty regularly, but now, instead of being active, we sit in the kitchen and complain about our sedentary jobs, our insane neighbours and the fact that our clothes no longer fit. This is a sad existence, and I feel comfortable telling you that our conversation is not as crisp or as hopeful as it had been in younger days, and our energy levels are also suffering.

In other days, particularly as we were making our way through university, and those first tough years after graduating, we used to dream and talk about all the activities we would get involved in once we were financially stable. The time is now, Penelope is married, I am single, both of us are gainfully employed, and neither of us has children. It occurred to us, one fateful evening, over steaming cups of tea, that if we were going to make the change, now was the time to do it.

At first we struggled;  which of the many activities would we enroll in first?Would it be curling, speed skating, baseball, ultimate frisbee, or belly dancing. We needed an activity that we would both enjoy, and one that would meet our many and varied goals: losing weight, meeting new people, having fun.

We spent some time thinking, but in the end it was a no-brainer; we decided that we would try all of the activities we’d always talked about. That’s when it occurred to us: perhaps there are other people going through the same thing. So we decided to start this blog, so that we can all encourage each other and rekindle our passion for future.

We hope that you will come along with us, as we battle our limitations, and journey home to good health and good friends.


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